Hi! I’m Lexi. I’m a writer, a wife, and a lot of other things. I’m 23 years old. I currently live in Hawaii, but that could change at any given time because I’m married to a soldier.

This is my husband and I goofing around underwater

This is my husband and I goofing around underwater

What you’re probably wondering, is why would I start a blog that basically collects articles from around the web? There are really only two reasons and I’m not guaranteeing that they’re necessarily good ones. First is that I thought it would be a neat idea and as a writer I hate when I don’t know how things turn out. This frequently leads me to try new things over and over again to see if my idea could be a good one.

The second reason is because I was once addicted to Pinterest, but I found that people mostly were posting the same things over and over again and it was getting ever harder to find a something new that I really wanted to pin. How did this lead to a blog? I figured that there must be someone somewhere that felt the same. So I make it my goal to scroll and read through as many articles and blogs as possible and only post those that are as recent as a week old. I’m not saying they’ll be irrelevant after a week, but this way I should always be bringing something new to the table.

Next thing you may be wondering, so I say I’m a writer: what have I written? The short answer is a lot, but nothing you’ve read. I have only been published in one of those poetry anthologies that prays on young inexperienced poets. I was 13 and I was published. I was so excited that my dad even shelled out the $79.99 to buy the anthology. It was later that I realized that they published almost every one. So now I’m a little shy, but I’m hoping to have a book ready to be sent to publishers by the end of the year.

Last thing that’s really important….The SCHEDULE. I’m posting it here so that I have more incentive to stick to it. There is  a schedule because there is so much on the web that I can’t possibly hope to get every thing worth seeing into one weekly post, so I split it in to four weekly posts about four different subjects. Even doing this, a lot of good stuff will be left out, but I’m unwilling to throw my two cents in on subjects that I’m not passionate about. If you feel like there’s something missing, talk to me…I’d be more than happy to discuss you guest posting. Anywho, here’s the schedule: Monday-For Writers & Readers; Tuesday- Photography & Photoshop; Thursday- DIY & Other Craftiness; Friday – Food & Cooking

With Love and Letters, Lexi


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