Wednesdays Are Now Do-A-Good-Deed Day

Do-A-Good-Deed Day is to honor my mom who does great deeds every day of her life. For instance, she has put up with my smart ass for 23 years, even when I told her I was engaged at seventeen. (She has also put up with my two brothers and my sister. This alone should get her an award for tolerance.) But I really want to talk about is her day-to-day job. She runs Central Virginia Horse Rescue and it is almost her whole life.

What she does is she saves horses from being auctioned to slaughter houses. You might be asking how this is accomplished. She buys them and brings them home to the rescue. Then they are examined and treated by a vet. Believe it or not this too costs money. And after all of this, she feeds them and takes care of them and trains them (if they aren’t already trained) until the day someone decides to take them home. So today I’m going to ask you to help her however you can. Whether it’s donating $5 on paypal or looking into adopting a horse, everything is appreciated.

And if you can’t specifically help with CVHR, look locally to see if there are any dog, horse, or any kind of rescues that need your help.

Make sure you check out CVHR’s website.

And here’s one of the horses that is available for adoption.

Cheyenne is an 18 year old Arabian. She’s 14.3 hands. Please click on her picture to see more about her if you’re interested.

With Love & Letters, Lexi


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4 thoughts on “Wednesdays Are Now Do-A-Good-Deed Day

  1. Titillating Thoughts February 7, 2013 at 5:35 am Reply

    If Cheyenne had 14.3 hands…That would be more impressive. Ha.

    Nonetheless, good deeds be good deeds.

    • AS Thacker February 7, 2013 at 5:41 am Reply

      The funny thing is I was raised around horses and I still don’t know exactly how to measure a “hand”

  2. Cindy At Cvhr February 7, 2013 at 12:24 pm Reply

    A hand is 4 inches. Thank you, Lou!

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